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Sr. Sales Consultant - B2B Professional Tech. Services $175K ++

Dallas, Texas
Every day offers us a new opportunity to learn something new and to grow.

Have you ever said to yourself, "What If?"
  • What if I were truly able to help people?
  • What if I was provided with all the best available tools, training and support to be able educate my clients on how to run their businesses more efficiently? 
  • What if I was not held back by the limitations of inferior products, negative branding or close minded managers?    

  • Wouldn't that be a novel idea?  

What if you were able to capitalize on your existing business relationships by helping those business owners to increase their profitability and improve their revenue, while streamlining how they operate their businesses.

And, what if you were compensated on a residual basis (year after year)?

Sounds pretty good so far, right?

YES, it does. And, yet there's more...

What if you had no geographic limitations or boundaries so that you were untethered from your local area or territory and were able to Build New Business Relationships through your network of influence within or outside of the local, regional and national business communities?

With the assistance of great people and agile technologies, our client's Innovative Professional Solutions will provide you with the necessary tools and solutions to be able to assist small and mid-size business owners to streamline their internal processes and improve the way business gets done, anywhere.

  • A Competitive Base Salary, Monthly "Uncapped" Commissions, Yearly "Residual" Earnings (No Stopping), Full & Comprehensive Benefits, 401k Retirememt Program, Expenses Covered, Monthly Allowance, In the Field and In the Office Technology, etc...
  • Top rated, national industry leader in business to employee relations, attraction and retention solutions.
  • Employee-Centric Corporate Culture (Career Advancement)
  • National Footprint (represented in most US markets and growing) 
  • Top performers earn above $300,000

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